PPDD-enabled RPMS for Red Hat Linux

PPDD ported to 2.6 kernel!

RHL 9 packages are available! You'd be well advised to first test on a spare box however.. and please do report any problems you may find.

The packages are now GPG signed for your safety as well, you can download my public key here.

Walter Haberl has kindly donated a short README on getting started, for more information see the documentation included in the ppdd package.

Known issues: The initscripts provided with original RHL don't work very nicely with PPDD - we'll try to get a proper initscripts-package ready one of these days...

Don't bug Allan Latham about problems with these packages and if you mail on the PPDD-list do mention that you are using these packages instead of the original PPDD package. Also do realize these are in no way supported by Red Hat and there's no warranty whatsoever!

Get the packages (for RHL 7.3, 8.0 and 9)

Sourceforge project page

By Panu Matilainen